Our advantage

Industry Leaders
Global Lifestyle recruits high calibre industry experts who are able to assist you to the highest professional level. We work with the best business partners for their quality and scope of service. We strive to stay relevant, creative and innovative, providing the highest standards of service.

Bespoke Service
To understand your needs, your Global Lifestyle consultant will develop a programme for you according to your preferences and needs. From unique travel arrangements, unrivalled gift opportunities, incredible dining opportunities and unique investment opportunities; Global Lifestyle offers exclusive services to you, the way you want it!

Global Resources
Global Lifestyle’s teams are found in offices around the globe. Our head office, in Hong Kong, is the centre for our worldwide services covering the globe. When you are away from home and need assistance or when you need to facilitate business dealings in multiple countries our global teams will be happy to help.

Global Lifestyle hires only the best employees, provides only the highest quality of service, and works only with the most professional business partners.
We only provide you with informed decisions from our teams of experts and dedicated managers in the realms of finance, tourism, catering, property, art, media and concierge services. We work for you to make every day in your life a luxurious one.