Luxury gifts

Friday February 27th, 2015
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Global Lifestyle can provide bespoke diamond jewellery and experts to help you select and purchase your favourite gifts. We can also help you access the services of senior private art consultants and your favourite collections in the world’s top auction houses. We can help you obtain paintings, antique cars, cigars, wine or luxury watches. Your wish is our command!


Global Lifestyle offers exclusive investment immigration programme services around the world. We will help you have a higher competitive advantage. Whether it is Andorra, Grenada, Antigua and Barbuda, Singapore, UK, USA, France, Hungary, Australia, Bulgaria, Malta or Switzerland, we can help you to find your ideal location. Contact our investment immigration consultants and we will find you the most suitable bespoke migration programme to meet your needs.

Global Lifestyle has a dedicated health management team. Our partners can provide customised services in health, fitness and nutrition, helping to ensure you enjoy the best health and well-being possible.
Enjoy top class spa services, diet and weight management, personal trainers, private doctors and hospitals.