Exclusive Privileges


Global Lifestyle offers exclusive privileges to our members. Whether it is the best table at a coveted Michelin star restaurant, seats at an exclusive fashion show, access to the red carpet at the latest movie premiere, tickets to exclusive art events or access to VIP boxes for the world’s top sporting events, Global Lifestyle can provide these for you. We have an extensive network of contacts specialised at making the impossible, possible.

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Global Lifestyle provides our members with some of the best entertainment opportunities there are. We can provide members with access to the best horse purchasing and training services. Our members will be able to buy top race horses worldwide and we can even accompany you to the auctions.

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Investment Opportunities


We have a dedicated team that can help you select and access the best investment opportunities worldwide. Our team possesses years of investment experience and has a global network which allows us to provide unique opportunities for our members. We offer services in private banking, financial advice, family trusts and wealth management, including strategic allocation and asset management. We can help you maximise your investment return and build a better financial outlook for future generations.

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